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Finance Your New or Used Truck Purchase

Need Some Financing?

Look no further.  Click here to get everything you need to get started today:

  • Loan Application Forms
  • Contact names
  • Phone numbers

Step 1 — Pick a Chassis

Step 2 — Pick a Body / Box

Step 3 — Contact us to discuss upfitting options

How to Choose the Right Truck For You

Don't Buy a Truck Just on Looks

New Truck Don't buy a truck just on looks or you may find yourself stranded out in the middle of nowhere not able to service your customer.

You need a truck that can handle the stresses placed on it by your environment, your workload, your customer route. 

First Determine Your Unique Needs

DNJ Truck Upfitting can help you choose the right truck for you based on your needs in the following areas:

  • Your Route.  What is your route like as far as miles to and from customers?  Are you driving a lot between stops?  Does your route consist of many hills? 
  • Your Environment.  Think of your area's daily temperatures throughout the year – h ot, cold, etc.  This will affect a lot of items on your truck.
  • Weight Load.  How much inventory you will be carrying – weight wise.
  • Security.  Is your area “High Crime”?  If so, there are things we can do to make you feel safer.

Other Details to Iron Out

Service.  Find out who can do your service work.  Make sure they have extended hours and are reliable.


Getting Started

We will work together to get you the best truck possible for your financial needs.

  • Print this Build-a-Truck Form (.pdf)
  • Give us a call and we'll help you select the right options to spec out a truck that will give you years of reliable service.


New Truck
Choose Red or Traditional Yellow & White Trucks

New Truck
All Decals Done In-House

Customize Your Own Hammer Rack/Creeper Bin

New Truck
Air Brakes & Air Suspension Optional

Customized Mac Tool Hand Rail

New Truck
2000 Lbs. Thieman Lift Gates & Additional Lift Gate Extensions for the 1900 Series Boxes

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