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Step 1 — Pick a Chassis

Step 2 — Pick a Body / Box

Step 3 — Contact us to discuss upfitting options

Give Your Truck an Updated Look

Over time, your shiny new vehicle can show signs of wear and tear.  You may not notice it, as the changes happened gradually, but your customers will. 

Ask Yourself:  What does this say about you and how you run your business?

Image Is Everything

Put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask yourself who you would rather do business with, given that everything else is even.

A well-maintained distributor truck gives the impression of a professional business, run by a person that:

  • Pays attention to detail
  • Has pride in the service they provide
  • Runs a successful business

Our Suggestions For Big Impact Improvements

  • Replace Old Faded Decals
  • Refinish Dinged & Chipped Oak Trim
  • Replace Frayed and Worn Carpeted Toolbox Bumpers
  • Replace Air Conditioning -- improve the comfort factor for your customers for more sales

Let Us Help You Improve Your Image

Dave LeslieContact Us

Hi.  I'm Dave Leslie, owner of DNJ Truck Upfitting.

You won't get a better truck or find better people to work with.  Expect great service, competitive prices, quality craftmanship, and a fair deal.

Contact me today.  I'll look forward to hearing from you.





New Truck
New Paint Job with Custom Decals

Mac Tool New Interior
Compressed Air Accessibility from Inside Your Truck

New Bungee Cord Ceiling
New Pegboard Ceiling Threaded with Bungee Cord

New Truck
Troubleshooting Wiring Problems

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