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What You Can Expect

More Than Just Buzz-Words to Us

  • More Bang for your Buck!
  • Quality Through Team Work!
  • Service After the Sale!

At DNJ Truck Upfitting, these are more than just Buzz-Words to us.  Our customers think so also -- read our testimonials.

Our Promise To You

We want to keep your truck up and running so we can all be a success at what we do!! 

That is why...

  • We will do our best to design the proper truck chassis to fit your total needs. 
  • We will use the highest quality parts in your interior and your truck options, and install them using the highest level of skilled labor.
  • If you buy a truck from us and you should ever need a part from the manufacturer, we will get that part for you, at our discount price, as long as you own the truck, no matter what make or model.
  • If you ever need help getting anything repaired, give me a call (7 days a week) on my cell phone and I will assist you – even if you didn’t buy your truck from us or get parts from us.  Dave Leslie – (cell) 937-402-0476.

Dave LeslieContact Us

Hi.  I'm Dave Leslie, owner of DNJ Truck Upfitting.

You won't get a better truck or find better people to work with.  Expect great service, competitive prices, quality craftmanship, and a fair deal.

Contact me today.  I'll look forward to hearing from you.





Finance Your New or Used Truck Purchase

Need Some Financing?

Look no further.  Click here to get everything you need to get started today:

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Step 1 — Pick a Chassis

Step 2 — Pick a Body / Box

Step 3 — Contact us to discuss upfitting options

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